Community-Oriented Defender (COD) Network Annual Conference

Overall Conference Evaluation
July 15, 2020
Please answer the questions below. Your evaluation, including suggestions and comments, are important to conference staff and will help us improve future conferences.
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Please choose the one major role that best describes who you are and why you attended the conference.
How many times have you attended the COD Conference before this year?
Overall, how would you rate this conference?
5 = Best
How relevant was the content of the conference to the work you do?
5 = Completely relevant
Please explain why the conference was or was not relevant to the work you do.
Overall, how would you rate the quality of the workshops you attended?
5 = Best
Which workshops were most helpful for you? Please explain why.
Which workshops were not helpful to you? Please explain why.
Do you think there were too many or too few workshops?
How would you rate the overall quality of the keynote speakers?
5 = Best
Please provide suggestions for future conference speakers.
Presenters were encouraged to use their expertise to promote discussion and problem solving, rather than simply talking at the audience. Did you find that most sessions provided an interactive experience?
Please explain your answer and/or give examples of presenters who succeeded or failed to do this well.
Were there any issues or program topics not adequately covered in the conference?
If your answer is yes, please explain what issues or topics you wanted better addressed.
How would you rate the overall networking experience of the conference?
5 = Best
How would you rate these aspects of the registration process? (5 = Best)
Online Registration
Do you plan to attend the 2021 COD Conference (dates and location TBD)?
If you do not plan to attend the 2021 COD Conference, please tell us why. Check all that apply.
Please provide any additional comments you may have about this year's conference.
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